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The Pet Page

petsWe welcome your pets here at Silver Pines, but we do ask that you abide by a few simple rules. If you don’t think you can abide by the following rules, it probably would be best if you left your pet at home. Please, Please, Please, do not leave your dog in the room alone! We ask that you not allow your pet to sleep on the beds or furniture. We take great pride in decorating all our rooms and cabins, and many of the bedspreads are handmade. For the comfort of other guests, please keep your dog leashed when outside your cabin on Silver Pines property. If your dog poops in an obvious area, please pick it up. If it’s rainy, snowy, or your dogs been in the creek, please ask us for some “dog-towels.” We do have a $20 charge per pet, per night.